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Office hours are:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

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Email: Customer.Service@Boncura.com
Website: eehealth.org
Frequently Asked Questions

• Which method can I use to pay my bill?
         o     Edward Health Ventures accepts payments made by cash, check or credit card.  We accept the following credit cards:
               -     Visa
               -     Mastercard
               -     American Express
               -     Discover

• Payments may be made:
         o     On line: at www.eehealth.org using a credit card.  Look for your MyEasyMatch code just under the payment coupon of your 
         o     By phone: Credit card payments can be made by calling Customer Service at 630.432.6144
         o     Through the mail: Use the return envelope that came with your statement to make a payment by check or credit card
         o     In person: you can make a payment in your physician’s office or at any Edward Health Ventures location

• What is the myEasyMatch Code?
         o     The myEasyMatch code is a number unique to your statement that allows us to identify your specific account and ensure 
                that your payment is posted correctly.

• How can I help ensure proper posting of my statement payment?
         o     Include your account number and invoice number with any payment, including those made electronically by your bank

• When is payment of my billing statement expected?
         o     With the exception of co-payment amounts, which are due at the time of service, we expect payment in full by the due 
                date shown on the front of your statement.

• How will I know if I have a co-payment?
         o     When your health plan shares this benefit level detail with us, we will ask for your co-payment at the time of service.  
                Co-payments for office visits, primary care and specialty care generally appear on the front of your insurance card.

• Can I be billed for my co-payment
         o     Co-payments are due at the time of your visit and collected during the check-in process. 

• How can I reconcile my insurance company’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) with my billing statement?
         o     A breakdown of your insurance company’s processing and payment of your claim appear with each visit in the Description
                and Payment sections of your statement.  The insurance company’s reason codes related to their payment activity are 
                shown next to the insurance payment and are explained at the end of your statement.

• What if I disagree with my insurance company’s processing of my claim?
         o     We encourage you to contact your insurance company anytime you have questions as to how your claim was processed, about 
                the patient liability shown or any benefit exclusions (non-covered services).  Providing them with the date of service 
                and the Claim ID number from your statement will aid them in locating your claim.  If your insurance company indicates 
                additional information is needed please contact them to provide that information as soon as possible.

• How will I know the amount due on my monthly payment plan, the outstanding balance and when it has been paid in full?
         o     Your payment plan is shown in the first line of your statement, under the headers, in the Payment Plan Information section.  
                The total of charges in the payment plan is in the charges column, any payments you made since your last statement are 
                shown in the Payments/Adjustments column and the total balance of your payment plan is in the Patient Balance column.  The 
                amount due on your payment this month is shown in the Statement Summary on the lower right corner of the first page of your 
                statement.  Once your payment plan has been paid in full it will drop off your statement.

• Can I receive my statements electronically?
         o     Edward Health Ventures now offers e-Statements to its patients who are MyChart users.  Please log into MyChart and sign up.